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Children's Corner


Home Learning Activities

Suggested activities bulleted below have links to PDFs 
with tips, directions, and printable resources. 

The Early Childhood Division of the NJ Department of Education directed learning activities for preschoolers to not include online/virtual learning.  We are following their directive to provide hands-on activities to engage with your children at home through play, reading, and conversation.   

Below are activities that can support your child’s learning and play at home.  However, there is no wrong way to do these activities with your children! Have fun and be creative!  The activities incorporate instruction and skill reinforcement in reading readiness, mathematics, and fine motor skills.  You can use many of the materials you already have at home to support these activities.   


Reading with, and to your child, is one of the most important learning activities that can take place at home.  You can read anything from a book to the side of a cereal box. What’s important is to ask questions, make predictions and check for understanding while reading. 

Fine Motor Skills 

Fine Motor Skills consist of actions that use the muscles in hands and fingers and are important in everyday activities such as getting dressed, eating, and writing.  ​


Math skills develop through repeated practice and real-world experiences.   Beyond these activities, using math vocabulary, counting and baking are excellent ways to incorporate math into your child's home learning.

 Additional Activities

                      Sample Daily Schedule    Calendar Challenge​     Practice Each Night

Tools of the Mind 

Curriculum Home Resource Kit

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