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Children's Corner


Here you will find specific lessons and modifications for Special Education Classes 

Please find your class below to access plans.

Rooms F5, C6 and C7 

Note to Parents

Week 3 -     Level A      Level B      Level C    Level D 




Rooms F1, F2, F4, C5, C9 and C17

Please refer to Remote / Instructional tab for activities. 

Modifications for those activities are below.  Also posted below are visual cues.


 Visual Cues

Visual Cues


Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy

Modifications and Suggestions 


Your child's teacher or speech therapist will notify you as to your group.

Group A    Lesson 1    Lesson 2    Lesson 3 

Group B    Lesson 1    Lesson 2    Lesson 3 

Group C    Lesson 1    Lesson 2    Lesson 3 

Apps for Speech      Language Stimulation Ideas